FBI Express

FBI Express is a new program developed by US Apostille to expedite the process of obtaining a FBI background check and then apostille it in a rapid manner with a low price.

How to quickly obtain and apostille a FBI Background Check
Total Fee is: $120.00
Turn Around time is: 5 Business Days + Shipping Time.

To start this process, you must have already obtained your fingerprints.

1. Use a FBI approved Channeler

  • The FBI has appointed 13 channelers in the United States to quickly issue FBI background checks.
    Click here for the list of FBI approved channelers
  • They may offer you several options for obtaining a background check and to apostille it. Our advice is to request your FBI background check to be emailed to you. It will be faster, you save the extra fee to have it printed by the channelers, and you will save shipping fees.
  • These channelers are basically private businesses approved by the FBI to issue an expedited background check. The turn around time and fees may vary between channelers.
  • This service usually costs $50.00 and approximately takes 24 hours for processing.

3. E-mail your FBI background check to US Apostille

  • Submit your background check electronically to US Apostille.
  • Pay $70.00 ($50.00 Apostille fee + $20 Shipping fee)
  • You will receive your document in four business day.